Online Marketing is reliant on an ever-increasing number of Media Platforms, from the giants of Google and Facebook to traditional media such as Email.

Marketing has never had more need or opportunity to centralise data and automate processes for seamless marketing execution, and through the use of Canton’s Attribution Dashboard, this can be achieved.

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of current paid activities can be automated by today’s technology


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Attribution Dashboard

Make smarter decisions with our Dashboard

Bring together data and analysis

Report Automation and Attribution

The Canton Media Dashboard brings all your Online Platforms’ data into one place and allows for seamless planning and attribution.

Gain valuable insights into campaign success and see how your business could save time and improve execution by automating reporting tasks.


Workflow and Optimisation Automation

Optimisation automation through custom algorithms and API’s that are able to automate common optimisation tasks across display, paid social and paid search.

Automate the creative process, from approvals, testing, naming conventions to trafficking. Additionally, utilise Adword scripts to automate common tasks in Adwords, such as keyword building, time targeting, split testing and disabling out of stock items.

Track key metrics

All in one place

The Canton Attribution Dashboard integrates and synthesises Performance Management with the latest in Business Intelligence to produce an at-a-glance overview of your operations. The graphical representations of your businesses’ metrics asses the overall impact. Our specialist team cater to your brand’s specific needs and requirements.

Combine our dashboard with any one of our other services we offer such as; cost-efficient media, digital marketing engineering and in-housing to improve your marketing strategy.

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