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In tough economic times successful brands have always looked to do more with less so that they may become a leaner, more effective organisation. Now, more than ever, this is high up the agenda, with marketing among the areas most brands are looking at. On average, our cost-efficient media service has proven to save our clients 20% on their paid media spend.

Progressive brands are using AI and automation to deliver efficiencies with marketing which allows them to have a choice as to whether to reinvest or pass savings to the bottom line. Without doubt, as the digital market has changed there are a number of ways to create efficiencies without sacrificing overall performance. The rise of walled gardens, combined with challenges around data portability and the siloed nature of the main channels of search, social and display have led to huge inefficiencies when buying.

At Canton we are specialists in enabling brands to transform their marketing setup to do more with less. We have custom designed programs that unlock automation, lower vendor margins and deliver personalised AI driven optimisation. As such we believe any brand looking at marketing efficiencies should speak with us to see how their programs can drive cost efficiencies in marketing.

Any programme Canton delivers focuses on these three principles:

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Transparency in Media Buying

Crucial to driving cost saving is to understand where advertising money is going across the media buying chain. Many media vendors and ad technology companies operate high and or hidden margins that can be dramatically reduced by asking for transparency so that a brand can negotiate, select alternative partners and/ or consider in-housing parts of the operation.

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Campaign Setup and Manual Optimisation

Utilising media platforms to their maximum capability can net most advertisers 20% or more in media efficiency. Many advertisers suffer unnecessary costs from having poor planning and setup. Therefore savings are delivered by firstly migrating to a best practice setup, which we believe is not always what is recommended by the platform such as Facebook and Google. Once this has been implemented then we see major savings can be delivered by implementing active optimisation through a campaign.


Automation and AI

Automation and AI are a vital component of In-housing. Without having automated tasks and reports any in-house team can be swamped with work and brands will not be able to realise the improvements in speed, efficiency and performance they are looking for. Therefore, it is crucial to have available the experience of people who have done this before many times. AI and machine learning are then able to turbocharge results and ensure that Brands are able to compete with and exceed their peers.

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