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We mentor brands and agencies on how to deliver cutting edge digital marketing programmes. We assist in all areas from advice, training and mentoring, through to full execution.

We provide coaching and support across the entire digital marketing mix

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Our consultancy programme is specifically designed to unlock your marketing potential


A comprehensive assessment of your digital operations setup with recommendations.

Canton’s auditing uses data from key systems to reveal where people require upskill development, media effectiveness can be improved, commercial pricing can be optimised, and ensures best practice standards are maintained.

Our audits are based on a deep knowledge of the industry leaders in each area, as well as the structures that work best in different use cases.

There are no questions you can’t ask. This step isn’t complete until you are 100% confident with all aspects of your digital marketing mix.


A transition programme specifically designed to enhance your marketing operations.

We help clients transition from traditional placement-based strategies towards a data-driven audience way of thinking and operations.

We co-design our programmes with our clients to make sure the process is the best possible setup for their needs. We will support you through a smooth transition to deliver on your key objectives.

We’ve migrated dozens of clients and built multiple buying teams. So although the control is in your hands, we’ll bring our expertise to guide you to achieving success.


Delivering digital marketing excellence, training personnel and upgrading technology resources.

Led by experience, we combine channels and data with activation; using tried and tested processes which deliver excellent results, and save you money.

We will continue to work with you to deliver digital excellence; ensuring continuity, protection against risks and driving continuous improvement. You will have access to principal consultants, traders and project managers to deliver and optimise your marketing activity.

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We have a team of experienced people who are oncall to provide operational support and training programmes across all digital channels to ensure you overcome the challenges of an evolving marketing landscape.

Our clients measure success by their increased confidence in their own activity, increasing their speed to market and, ultimately, the results of their marketing performance.

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