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Everyday we demonstrate to our clients where they can capitalise on their marketing spend

We are the experts in modern digital marketing and work in harmony with your marketing team to increase responsiveness, improve transparency and deliver incremental uplift

Canton has a principal consultancy team of media and creative specialists, with nearly 60 years’ combined leadership experience at agencies and technology vendors. Canton’s operations and support teams are made up of digital traders, channel practitioners and planner buyers from the agency world.

Our capabilities cover everything from technology, strategy, creative, media buying and people management. Between us, we’ve performed every job there is within digital media; we’ve built buying teams in all channels, installed new technology stacks, planned data strategy and delivered high-performing, data-led creative.

We offer our expertise across multiple marketing disciplines and technologies

Our experienced consultation and practical solutions will connect your operations, technologies and marketing channels to help you achieve your goals.

A flavour of what Canton can offer

The below brochures detail a number of our offerings and what they can do to improve your business

Canton Management Team

Read our thoughts and opinions about the latest developments in digital marketing

January 26, 2021
CDP Canton Marketing Solutions

CDPs are vital and come in many different flavours. There is a path for everyone!

What started a few years ago and became a rush in 2020 has reached even bigger heights in 2021 with […]
January 20, 2021
The Future of Online Marketing Canton Marketing Solutions

The Future of Online Marketing

2020 was certainly a year of dramatic change and this has been marked in a number of ways. For example, […]
January 5, 2021
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The History of Online Marketing

Digital advertising is 25 years old and developed in the mid-’90s; this was the year of dial-up and very slow […]