Digital Marketing Engineering is key to improving business performance

With the ever increasing adoption of emerging technologies, it has never been easier to implement digital marketing engineering – in turn improving task automation, campaign measurement and report visualisation, as well as media performance through AI. The outcome of this is an increase in free time, allowing businesses to focus on decision making, innovation and growth, ensuring they stay ahead of the fast paced changing nature of people and technology.


Drive increased sales

Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead

Save time on reports and analysis

88% of marketers said that reducing the time spent on preparing reports and analysis, giving them more time for strategy and focusing on customer interactions, would be valuable
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Economise with automation

45% of current paid activities can be automated by today’s technology, an equivalent of $2 trillion in total annual wages in the US alone
There are a number of different paths that businesses can take to enhance their current capabilities

The Power of Digital Marketing Engineering


Technology Setup

  • Auditing, fixing, installing and documenting the setup of technology vendors’ core code to ensure reliable results.
  • Ensuring that different technology systems are correctly aligned and integrated. Minimising the impact of match rates between systems.
  • Highlighting any gaps or risks in the setup. For example, gaps down to the loss of cookies or changes in mobile advertiser ID behaviour.

Workflow and Optimisation Automation

  • Optimisation automation through custom algorithms and APIs that are able to automate common optimisation tasks across display, paid social and paid search.
  • Creative automation by automating the process of creative approvals, testing, naming conventions and trafficking.
  • Adword scripts to automate common tasks in Adwords such as keyword (and negative) building, time targeting, split testing and disabling out of stock items.
report visualisation

Report Automation and Visualisation

  • Using reporting API tools to bring together different systems into a unified reporting setup.
  • Understanding discrepancies between systems and validating results for business confidence in outputs.
  • Automating end of campaign reports and business intelligence dashboards.
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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

  • Running AI analysis against your event level data sets to gain powerful insights into users and data, unlocking the power of AI for advertisers.
  • Translating results from AI into marketing actions via integrations back into platforms and optimisation processes.
  • Using AI and Big Data to customise reporting and optimisation to the specific needs of the business.
Canton: Leaders in Digital Marketing Engineering

We want to help future-proof your business. Here’s how:


Evaluation and Recommendation

First, Canton evaluates the business’s current setup to determine the requirements to meet your end goals. Then, we’ll create and share a roadmap for improvement, outlining step-by-step the activities that will promote business growth.
Implementation and Migration2

Implementation and Migration

Once decided, our media engineers will begin implementing and migrating these improvements to ensure your business is in its best possible position. Rigorous testing of each component alongside a training program for your team on each element will follow.
Support and Documentation3

Support and Documentation

We’ll also provide expert insight, analysis, and transparent advice built on years of hands-on experience, ensuring a smooth transition. This support includes expert training where we will coach teams on relevant technology platforms and techniques, to ensure they are ready for the future.
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