November 8, 2019
Advertisers emerge as buyers for ad tech Canton Marketing Solutions

Advertisers emerge as buyers for ad tech

With venture capital money for ad tech and marketing technology businesses scarce and strategic buyers also hard to find, marketers are emerging […]
September 17, 2019
Latest from the ICO 1 Canton Marketing Solutions

The Latest from the ICO on GDPR in Digital Advertising

It was a pleasure to be a part of the Zero to Rezonence event this morning with the ICO’s Simon […]
September 9, 2019
Viewability is the Starting Point Canton Marketing Solutions

‘Viewability is the Starting Point’: Asics Tests Attention Metrics for Ads

Asics is drawing a line in the sand. Expectations of viewability metrics are evolving at the sportswear brand, where ads […]
September 4, 2019
Digital advertising is changing Canton Marketing Solutions

Digital Advertising is Changing: Advertisers Need to Seek a Different Partner

You don’t have to be a top marketing lead to know that advertising has gone through a fundamental shift over […]
August 28, 2019
Why Media Planning Needs Programmatic Canton Marketing Solutions

NDA Viewpoints: Why Media Planning Needs Programmatic Expertise

As has been widely discussed, over half of all media bought now is digital or online media. Now not everyone […]
August 16, 2019
How Agencies Have Adapted Canton Marketing Solutions

A Year In: How Agencies Have Adapted to a World Without Google’s DoubleClick ID

Adapting to Google’s removal of DoubleClick IDs, which advertisers relied on for cross-device attribution strategies, hasn’t been easy for media […]
July 30, 2019
How DTC Brands Canton Marketing Solutions

How DTC Brands Are Ripping Up the Rule Book

In a landscape dominated by a handful of seemingly invincible ecommerce giants, the meteoric success of a handful of direct-to-consumer […]
July 18, 2019
Lets fight for the future Canton Marketing Solutions

Let’s Fight for the Future of Quality Publishers – for Advertisers, Consumers and for Democracy

It has been widely discussed that GAFA (Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook) takes an ever-larger share of overall advertising revenue. This […]
July 18, 2019
Appoints James Briscoe Canton Marketing Solutions

Canton Marketing Solutions Appoints James Briscoe as New Chairman

Omnichannel consultancy, Canton Marketing Solutions, has announced that James Briscoe will join as its new Chairman.
July 10, 2019
4 Phases of In Housing Canton Marketing Solutions

The 4 Phases of In-Housing and How It’ll Change the Future of Ad Tech

A recent IAB Europe report sparked interest by stating that 86% of programmatic active brands have an in-house capability, with […]
April 8, 2019
Who Is and Isnt Ready Canton Marketing Solutions

A Look at Who Is and Isn’t Ready for the End of the Programmatic ID Era

With Google considering following Apple in blocking third-party cookie targeting in its Chrome browser, digital marketing seems on the verge […]