Canton are in-housing specialists who have effectively overseen the implementation of internal teams. In-housing digital media buying has been one of the biggest trends in marketing since 2018. The increased speed of execution and brand knowledge has driven dramatically improved results for early adopters. Indeed, performance combined with the potential cost savings and legislative need for advertisers to safeguard their data have been the major drivers for this trend.

Today, it is widely accepted that advertisers should take elements such as strategy, measurement and data onboarding in-house. Creative design and channel execution being areas that could be in-house or outsourced depending on the availability of talent and culture of the business. Going on the in-housing journey does not mean that you need to in-house every task and channel. Indeed, outsourcing elements whilst in housing the core can be the most effective route for many advertisers, effectively ‘Right Housing’ marketing resource.


How Canton can support your brand

Support and Documentation

In-housing and Support

Like anything else though in-housing can be done well or done poorly. We believe that in-housing done well requires expertise to advise on areas like resource, training , technology, automation, AI and process. As the leading company in housing all digit al channels we think any advertiser considering in-housing (which should be all advertisers yet to do so) should contact Canton to see how we can help.
Cost efficient paid media

Resourcing and Training

The number one challenge of right housing is having the right resource and culture for success. At Canton we have built many world class marketing teams and know the skills required and where to find them. Crucially our training program can take existing staff or new team members and get them up to the required standard quickly and shamelessly. Canton are also experienced hands on keyboard practitioners and are able to take on any task required so you will never be left unsupported.
Implementation and Migration

Automation and AI

Automation and AI are a vital component of in-housing. Without having automated tasks and reports any in-house team can be swamped with work and brands will not be able to realise the improvements in speed, efficiency and performance they are looking for. Therefore, it is crucial to have available the experience of people who have done this before many times. AI and machine learning are then able to turbocharge results, and ensure that Brands are able to compete with and exceed their peers.

We want to help future-proof UK retail businesses. Here’s how we do it:


Evaluation and Recommendation

  • First, Canton evaluates the business’s current setup to determine the requirements to meet your end goals
  • Then, we’ll create and share a roadmap for improvement — outlining step-by-step the activities that will promote business growth

Implementation and Migration

  • Once decided, our media engineers will begin implementing and migrating these improvements to ensure your business is in it’s best possible position
  • Rigorous testing of each component alongside a training program for your team on each element.

Support and Documentation

  • Of course, we’ll also provide expert insight, analysis, and transparent advice built on years of hands-on experience — ensuring a smooth transition
  • This support includes expert training; coaching teams on relevant technology platforms and techniques, to ensure they are ready for the future.
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