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January 26, 2021
Building a Digital Marketing Engineering Team
March 29, 2021

Life as a Trader at Canton

How does Canton work differently?

Often in marketing when you start your career people tell you to specialise in one area of our industry, become the absolute specialist and do not deviate. Whilst this approach has some benefits, it can produce inflexibility and silos within a team and limit growth. At Canton, although we do believe in specialists and have practitioners that are at the top of their field in these specialities, having a well rounded background of knowledge within all marketing channels including execution and media as well as tech & engineering is key for us. We have a range of talents here at Canton ranging from channel and tech knowledge to client servicing skills. A mix of these talents that Canton essentially leads to the best consultants.

The life of a multi-channel trader at Canton is very interesting as you gain more exposure to the strategy and thinking that goes into planning and executing, not just advertising campaigns but actual marketing strategies. Building a knowledge of the different aspects of trading, planning and strategy gives a deeper understanding of how businesses work from top to bottom to achieve their goals.

By working within the various digital channels, we’re able to get an appreciation of where each channel fits in the puzzle, how they interact and support each other, and rather than steadfastly pushing ‘our channel’ as the answer for every problem, we’re able to work with clients at a higher level. With the team we have, there is also a lot of technical knowledge within the business, especially as we expand and build our media engineering department lead by our Irish coding whizz Ross Herron.

All of the points mentioned above means we can have a bigger impact on the clients that Canton work with, and rather than acting as external auditors or consultants we work as part of the team structure within a business, lending the sort of expertise you can only get from working across hundreds of different clients, campaigns & projects, and applying it to our client’s problems.

How do we improve marketing performance through consultancy?

At Canton, consultancy has been the basis of our business for the last two and a half years. Through in-housing, transformation programs, channel audits, trading and digital marketing engineering, the team at Canton can help clients overcome the challenges that they face as a business.

  • In-housing- In-housing done well requires expertise to advise on areas like resource, training, technology, automation, AI and process. Canton can provide expert insight, analysis, and transparent advice on all the areas stated.
  • Transformation programs- With Cantons transformation programs, the consultancy team can help develop new capabilities to meet company missions and support critical success factors such as campaign restructures, or a revamped planning process.
  • Channel audits- Cantons channel audits will give you an understanding of the gaps in your campaign strategy and Adtech, as well as help you identify key opportunities for immediate improvements.
  • Trading- Through trading, Canton can connect your media channels to work more effectively and increase the responsiveness of your creative messaging to each user.
  • Digital Marketing Engineering- The consultancy team and the engineering team at Canton will work together in the reporting and analysis side of things and in turn improve task automation, campaign measurement and report visualisation, as well as media performance through AI.
Search, Social, Display & Video

As practitioners, Canton understands that time focused on each aspect of search, social and display is important. Canton’s ‘no silos’ policy allows us to work in a cohesive and fluid way, where we understand all elements of the digital landscape, including organic channels and how they fit in with our advertising strategy. An equal understanding of each element enables your marketing to be more responsive and unifies your sales funnel to create an integrated sales experience, building strong relationships with brands. However, it is important to understand that content and SEO are vital parts of paid search and having a wider view of the content strategy will have a bigger impact on performance.

There is often an air of mystery or misunderstanding by all but a handful of people within a business, about how each channel works. The display team does not trust the Facebook numbers and the Facebook team see’s that search simply takes all of their sales on a last click!

There is a lot of nuance to how each channel works and the best practice within each to achieve meaningful and scalable results, however, the top-level strategy still stands, and building an approach that works with the three typical main channels in tandem allows for businesses to push more incremental and valuable media strategies, driving better results.

Preparing for iOS 14 and IDFA

In early 2021 Apple will introduce a new privacy function in an iOS 14 update that means users must give permission for apps and websites to track them or access their Apple device advertising identifier (IDFA). We are publishing a lot of content on the detail of the topic, in short, the summary of changes include:

  • IDFA will be available on fewer devices, exactly the portion is unknown until launch.
  • It will lower the reach of existing targeting options.
  • It will lower the power of optimisation and data leveraging within app install campaigns.
  • It will reduce the proportion of sales tracked on iOS.

Canton are set-up for changes, in fact, Canton has worked in partnership with well-known brands such as PokerStars, PaddyPower and World Remit and have been checking their approach to help them take control over their media and strategies. Canton’s dedicated media engineering department as well as the detailed knowledge of how Adtech is built and how processes work, means we are well placed to advise.

Helping brands and agencies deliver integrated and cohesive experiences across all media whilst have strategies in place for major changes is a big part of our work. Canton have released an iOS14 guide on how to handle the changes with apple. With this guide, you will be able to work through the impending impacts of the IDFA changes to iOS In-App Tracking, whilst understanding problems you may encounter.


The team at Canton is growing and we have got off to an exciting start to the year working with a range of new clients. As our practitioners have an all-rounded background of knowledge within digital marketing, Canton are creating a bigger impact for all clients, improving results. However, for many people, we know that this is a tough time; if you work in the industry and need our help please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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