A comprehensive assessment of your current digital media set up and results


Making the move towards a better way of working, with you in control


An ongoing process of delivering excellent digital marketing, supported by Canton’s Co-Pilot technology

Evaluate through auditing

Canton’s revolutionary way of auditing media takes data from key systems and engines — via APIs or reports — to expose media effectiveness, current rates, best practice structures and more. Our audits are based on a deep knowledge of the industry leaders, as well as the structures that work best in different use cases.

There are no questions you can’t ask. This step isn’t complete until you’re 100% confident with all aspects of your digital marketing mix.


We’ll start this step by co-designing the best possible set up for your needs. We’ll then support you through a smooth transition to deliver on your key objectives. We’ve migrated dozens of clients and built multiple buying teams. So although the power is now in your hands, we’ll bring our expertise to guide you to success.


During this phase, you’ll get:

  • Access to principal consultants, traders and project managers to deliver and optimise your marketing activity.
  • Use of Canton’s Intellectual Property, including (but not limited to) process documentation, whitelist builders and attribution.
  • Uninterrupted monitoring of campaign performance and metrics, to mitigate business risk and guarantee best practice delivery.

Next Steps...

Excellent digital marketing requires knowledge, experience and a unique set of skills. Canton are excited to work with you on this journey.